CANNATIVE S.A.S is an early-stage fully licensed Colombian medicinal cannabis company with the best organic techniques; the products will be dedicated to improving the lives of patients, building the production and research infrastructure in Colombia, and increasing the knowledge of cannabinoids within the national and international medical community. His research on native Cannabis sativa strains rich in high-quality THC and new strains with a high percentage of CBD will allow the company to produce CBD and THC oils for the industrial, medicinal, and pharmaceutical markets.


CANNATIVE S.A.S Colombia will export THC and CBD full-spectrum oils and CBD Isolate for the Canadian industrial and medical market. Soon, joint ventures will be made with pharmaceutical laboratories to produce medicines based on THC and CBD eventually.


The business around the medical uses and legalization of cannabis has developed into a global fever.

The cannabis market has always been dominated by the developed world, North America and Europe being the largest consumers. The legalization for recreational and medical use has spawned a burgeoning industry devoted to the cultivation of the plant in these countries but Colombia’s geographical position is key to the opportunity to turn the exploitation of this plant into ‘green gold’. Being equatorial, Colombia receives 12 hours a day of sunlight year-round, and extending the photoperiod with lighting for only a few hours a day during the vegetation stage in a special area before planting outdoors, would allow up to SIX crops per year.  This condition is a great advantage over countries dedicated to exploiting the plant for medicinal purposes, such as Canada, where cultivation is almost exclusively indoors requiring extensive expenditure on energy. In the case of outdoor cultivation, where feasible only one crop per year is possible.  Colombia, on the other hand, besides the advantage of the climate, has the cost of production. “In Colombia, producing one gram of cannabis costs 10 cents compared with Canada, that is around 2 dollars”



Colombia is located in the extreme northwest of South America, the country is crossed by the Andes mountain range and the Amazonian plain, it is the only country in South America with coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its latitudinal location corresponds to the tropical zone with abundant hours of sunshine throughout the year…
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Ministry of Health and Social Protection Press Bulletin No 113 of 2017 – Completes the regulation for the entire process of production, cultivation and transformation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. -Resolutions: 2891 of 2017 and 2892 of 2017  Bogotá, August 16, 2017.- With the publication of five resolutions, the Government of Colombia has…
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